Social Media 101

Social Media has changed the game for merchant services businesses and companies. Not knowing how to use and capitalize on social media at best can limit the growth potential of your credit card processing payment business and at worst hinders your ability to succeed. What is social media and how it's used can be a challenge for some credit card processing acquirers businesses. Reliable lead sellers like equileads, may be a good choice for sales agents, but marketing on social media may be a better choice for low cost, high quality lead generation. Even more difficult is understanding and implementing processes to stay on top of social media and knowing which social media conduit is best suited for your payment processing business. These are questions that agents and merchants have to deal with, and our goal is to help lower the barrier of entry for using a few different kinds of social media.


As our introduction, we’ve outlined some of the most common and widely used pieces of social media and have worked with a company to help provide you the basic tools for intelligent use. We’ve decided to start with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as our introductory to the critical requirements for merchant services credit ard processing businesses nowadays.


One point to take into consideration about social media is its use is not all about you. It’s about your merchants and sales agents. Social media is a conduit for you to reach your customers in new and meaningful ways. For you to connect with your customers to understand how they really feel about your company and to enable you to offer them services that they want, not what you think they need. Effective use of social media can enable businesses like never before.



Social Media 101


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