Facebook 101

Facebook is a social networking site with more than 600 million active users. Users create a personal profile in order to connect with other people or "friends". On a profile, a Facebook user is able to display information about themselves, their relationships, beliefs, favorite brands and more. Users can also display albums of photos and "tag" their friends in them.

Merchant Account Businesses have similar abilities by creating Fan Pages. Using Fan Pages, payment processing industry businesses can connect with Facebook users and create posts about what is happening with your credit card processing company that day or for the week and month. Fans or “friends” can add comments to your posts. Facebook has the ability to create mini websites within your Facebook Business Page. This allows you to connect your Facebook with your merchant services payment company website. Creating events in Facebook is another tool that enables acquiring payment indistry companies and agent recruiters to advertise community and corporate events. With the ability invite your friends and share events, your success for turn out rates increases.

Facebook allows for notifications to be sent via email or text when someone adds you as friend or “likes” your merchant acquiring business page. Via text message and email you are also able to update your Facebook status and upload new pictures, this eliminates your need to be in front of a computer. Apple and Android have mobile applications as well.

Facebook is free and always will be free for agents, merchants and users. The revenue comes from Advertising. Businesses can create ads within Facebook that have an amazing demographic ability. You can search for males or females in any age group down to their exact interests and Facebook will give you all of the specific agents, merchants and users in any area of the world. The way Facebook has accomplished this is by using the information collected by registered agents, merchants and regular users.

Facebook has different policies on user privacy. Facebook has been known to change their policy. Users have the option under the account setting and account privacy tabs to allow certain people to see their profiles or keep their profile open to the public. Over all FaceBook has changed the way the world connects.


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