Merchant Sales Professional Training

Learn How to Make Money and Commissions in the Credit Card Processing Industry. Merchant University provides a complete suite of traning programs and seminars for merchant service professionals to increase their commissions and residuals. Learn how to sell merchant services to small business owners. Find information on selecting the best agent program. Understanding residual splits. Online training seminars and webinars include:

Merchant Services Sales & Training Courses

  • How to Sell Merchant Services
  • Prospecting Merchants and Small Business Owners
  • Merchant Service Lead Providers and Generating Referrals
  • Finding the right ISO/Agent Program
  • Understanding Visa & Mastercard Regulations
  • Being an Independent Sales Rep
  • Negotiating with Your MSP
  • Selling Your Residuals
  • High Risk Merchant Solutions
  • Merchant Services Terminology
Pricing, Fees, Rates Courses
  • What is Interchange Plus Pricing
  • Flat Rate vs Tier Pricing
  • Performaing Rate Analysis Comparisons
  • Equipment Costs Lease Vs Selling Terminals
Equipment and Terminals
  • Point of Sale Systems
  • Buying New or Used Credit Card Machines
  • Mobile Payment Systems
  • Touch Screen POS Systems
  • Payment Gateways/Virtual Termials
  • Industry Trends and Patterns

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