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Merchant University, in addition to providing free basic information related to the credit card processing payments industry for the critical understanding required to operate within our field is offering Certification. Learning and self betterment should be a lifelong pursuit, this is a concept that we here at Merchant University stalwartly believe in, and that tenet is one of the core reasons we founded this organization. So together with the free information we provide on a daily basis we’ve also set up a series of certifications to help further set those individuals apart who go the extra mile.


By working with one of the leading E-Learning organizations we’re able to provide you a series of certifications that will directly impact your merchant services company business capabilities and performance. Furthermore we’ve negotiated a reduction for each of the certifications you choose to purchase. By using the code “mu11” you’ll save 10% off the standard rate for all of the certifications.


Sales Training – Become a Certified Sales Professional  -  

  • What you’ll learn:
    • Most common sales stopping objections
      • With how to avoid, prevent and respond when you encounter the objections
    • Closing strategies
    • Presentation strategies
    • Ways to formulate questions
    • Customer satisfaction strategies
    • Methods to build relationships
    • Clues to tell you that an account is in trouble


Sales Management Training - Earn a Certified Content Knowledge Mastery Certification

  •  What you'll learn:
    • Personel Interview Skills
    • Performance Apprasial
    • Sales Coaching Skills
    • Leadership & Motivational Skills
    • Sales Funnel Creation & Management


Customer Service Training - Become a Certified Customer Service Professional - Click Here

  • What you'll learn:
    • Effective Telephone Etiquette
    • Rapport Building Techniques
    • Problem Solving
    • How do Defuse Anger
    • Interpersonal Communication Strategies
    • Customer Expectation Management
    • Business Email Etiquette

101 Education


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