Youtube 101

YouTube is a video sharing site that allows merchants, agents and users to upload videos and also create custom YouTube channels, where users can have followers. Some of the different types of videos are music videos, movie clips, home movies, video blogs and much more. The Videos are supported with Adobe Flash Video.


YouTube has been online since 2005 and is a subsidiary of Google. Since then more than 100 million people use YouTube and over 60 billion videos have been posted , YouTube has become a very powerful credit card processing payment industry business tool spanning all over the globe.


Unregistered agents, merchants and users can view videos, when you are registered you can post an unlimited amount of videos. YouTube has made is easy to register by just using an email account such as Gmail or msn. The duration of the video post can only be 15 minutes long. Anyone can join YouTube, yet you must be over 18 to view certain videos and channels.


Customized channels on YouTube have become a very popular choice with major corporations such as NBC, CBS, and Hulu. In 2008 many of the largest production companies reached an agreement to be able to upload and view full episodes of Television series. Along with the agreement came an advertising contract which allows advertisements to run during breaks of the show that is being streamed. It has allowed a competitive market to open up to YouTube.


Customized Channels are a powerful tool for companies that use YouTube. Your brand and logo can be themed to match, so when you’re watching a video the viewer can see your logo and information about your merchant services company and the registered viewers can post comments on the customized page after viewing. It is a unique way to be able to obtain feedback from your viewers.


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