Laurie LeBoeuf

Laurie LeBoeuf, CEO, Take Charge Business Consulting

Laurie has over 27 years experience in both the acquiring and issuing side of the payments business. She has worked hands on with both Visa and MasterCard to pilot and implement rules and regulations throughout the payments industry. She has held the position of National Director of the Merchant Acquirers committee and has chaired the Risk and Fraud Committee and served on the Best Practice Committee for the Electronic Transactions Association. Laurie has taken companies who were experiencing losses in excess of 40 basis points to a consistent level of 2 basis points or less in losses.

Laurie recently added the Cash Advance Industry to her career path by holding the position of VP of Operations, Risk and Underwriting with Advantage Advance LLC a Merchant Cash Advance provider located in Bethesda, MD. She explains that although it is a “sister product” to merchant acquiring she liked the idea of being in the forefront of setting the regulations and identifying the fraud before it becomes burdensome to the industry. She was responsible for creating and implementing credit policies, collection strategies and process flows.

Laurie previously managed the operational and risk compliance department of Delta Card Services (MCPS) a major ISO/Service Provider. She was responsible for ensuring that all Regulatory and Association guidelines were met with the merchants, sales forces and third party Agents while still continuing to grow the business.

Laurie is now taking all this experience and using it for her own business where she is CEO of Take Charge Business Consulting LLC. A company that provides a multitude of services to assist ISO’s and Banks in both industries.

In addition to her other industry board assignments, Laurie was an advisor on the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators National Board. She also works with US Secret Service ODA Task Force, US Secret Service HITEC task force and many other organizations to assist in minimizing fraud.


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