Virtual Terminals 101

Virtual terminals allow merchants to manually process transactions mainly credit/debit and check transactions from any computer with an internet connection. Using a virtual terminal has been made very user friendly to allow the greatest ease of use. Most often merchants simply log in to a secure website using a login and password which they had previously set up and you are shown a terminal where information is entered to charge cards, perform authorizations and even process refunds.

Because this can be a time consuming as it’s required that you enter and submit a number of fields related to the credit card this process is most commonly use for smaller businesses or larger transactions. Mail order and telephone order companies commonly use virtual terminals due to the demands of their businesses.

Additionally using a virtual terminal creates a level of ease for businesses as it provides some importantly reporting for all of the transactions that have been submitted through the system.

Uses for a Virtual terminal:

  • Accepting credit card payments by phone, fax or email
  • Mail order businesses
  • Call center operations
  • Insurance companies
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Trade Shows
  • Carpet Cleaning Businesses
  • Charities
  • Utility companies
  • Service companies



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